Accounts will not be hacked, Google is making two-step verification mandatory:

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It is not unknown to any of us that Google is committed to protecting users. The company has already taken several important steps in the interest of safety and security. Earlier this year, Google announced that it would make two-step verification (2SV) mandatory by the end of 2021. Recently, its final date has also been fixed. The company has informed that two-step verification is being made mandatory from November 9.

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Google is making two-step verification mandatory

As a result, whenever a user logs in to a Google Account, they will be sent a verification e-mail or SMS. This will make the personal data in the user’s account more secure. According to the company, the system is designed to strengthen and tighten users’ personal security. As a result, there is no possibility of stealing users’ account passwords.

The tech giant has been sending emails and prompts to its users about activating two-step verification since November 9. An email from Google states that users need to complete a second step on their mobile device when entering a password. This means that users will have to go through an additional step such as verification via phone, email, or security key to log in to their Google account. Users need to have their phones on hand.

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Earlier, the company said in a blog post that it would auto-enroll another 150 million Google users for the process by the end of 2021. According to Google, two-step verification is one of the most reliable ways to prevent unauthorized access to accounts and networks. In addition to Google account holders, 2 million YouTube creators are required to turn on 2SV (two-step verification), the company said.


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