Football: ATK Mohun Bagan set for a tough fight against Odisha FC

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Gnews: ATK Mohun Bagan set for a tough fight against Odisha FC. On the one hand, after 24 hours of preparation, scoring goals in extra time against Hyderabad FC from the front, not getting a footballer like Hugo Bumos, Carl McQue is in hospital with an injury. On the other hand, the most consistent team in the league has lost to Mumbai City FC, a team full of confidence. Coach Kiko Ramirez, who was out of the field in the last match, returned to the reserve bench. If Saturday’s match is a magnet, these two teams will catch these issues. If the first team is Mohun Bagan, the second team is Orissa FC.


The real problem is the mountains in the green-maroon camp. You only have to play with 24 hours of preparation. On top of that the team’s ‘heart’ Hugo Bumos can’t play card problems. Carl McQueen is not injured. So Juan Ferrando admitted directly that he was going to be in a difficult situation. “We have to play with only 24 hours of preparation. In any case, it is impossible to play the team with the right plan. But my goal is to play a match with a special plan. That is not what happened against Orissa. ” Said, Ferrando.

ISL 2021: ATK Mohun Bagan set for a tough fight against Odisha FC

The ATK Mohun Bagan coach is relying on the players. However, he felt a different excitement in tackling the problem. He is a bit disappointed as he lost two points to Hyderabad by scoring a goal in the last minute of the last match. David Williams would have gone to the top of the league table if he had won the match. The lack of Hugo Bumos against Odisha FC will be evident. Newcomer coach Fernando refused to accept this. According to him, “Even without Hugo, there will be no problem. We have some plans for every match. So I am making some changes to Saturday’s match because Hugo is not there. However, our defenders can attack. Some places need to be fixed. If you can play according to the plan, there will be no problem. All I can say is, I will do whatever it takes to get three points. ”

The team is getting a lot of opportunities. The difficulty is not being able to take advantage of that opportunity. For that, I would rather be happy. He thinks that creating opportunities is a positive aspect for the team. In the last match, David Williams played in the first XI by putting Roy Krishna. Ferrando gave a surprise. Williams honored the coach’s decision with a goal in 12 seconds. After the break, David was replaced by Roy Krishna. So will these two be seen from the beginning today? “Now is not the time to say that,” Ferrando said. Even goalkeeper Amarinder and Deepak Tangri could not say whether they will be able to play it. But he is also excited about the team. What’s the matter There are lots of options. “It would be better to play Leni in Deepak’s place or bring Sahil in, so the balance of the team will increase, so he didn’t want to say anything special. But Etuku said, “The plus point of my team is that there are a lot of options. The team is already very good.

So everyone can be trusted. In fact, I have to see who will be more effective in the way I want to play. But I told everyone to be ready. ” Defensive mistakes that happen in every match are as clear as daylight. Yet Ferrando is reluctant to exaggerate. The big thing for him is that everyone is ready to help the team. However, the green-maroon coach is giving extra respect to the Orissa team. According to him, Orissa is a balanced team. “There is a balance between attack and defense. Orissa did well along with the start. They lost to Mumbai in the last match. At one point they were trailing 1-2. Yet for some time he did not become depressed. So they win. ” Said, Ferrando. The Spanish coach is also worried that his team will not be able to focus for the full 90 minutes. No one can give one hundred percent where it is necessary. So he is putting special emphasis on correcting these. However, he understood that if he wins the match, Mohun Bagan will be in a good place.

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Orissa coach Kiko Ramirez said his team has the ability to beat any team in the ISL. While giving importance to Mohun Bagan, Ramirez said, “The big team is Mohun Bagan. In the last match, I was not on the reserve bench due to a card problem. However, after losing to Mumbai City FC in the last match, the team’s confidence has increased. So we have the ability to beat any team. ”


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