Do you know the real estate business plan and Opportunity to invest in the property market?

the real estate business plan and Opportunity to invest in the property market

Real estate investment trusts, or REITs, invest in the property market on their own. And that property can be anything from residential to industrial. Team Savings is informing the investors about this in detail

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table of content : Do you know the real estate business plan and Opportunity to invest in the property market?

We haven’t had the opportunity to practice real estate investment trust like that before, but Mahindra Mutual Fund’s new project revolves around this REIT. So today I want to talk about some beginnings. First of all, let us know that the investor’s money is invested in the real estate market through such a plan, but in a detour. As the name implies, REIT is a company that invests in the property market on its own (as an investor). That is not the property, only the kind of property that brings a certain income. And that property can be anything-residential, industrial, or even hotel. Those who invest in REIT share in the profits from all these properties. You don’t have to buy yourself. Or do not have to manage.

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Incidentally, most REITs are listed on the stock exchange, and can be traded as needed. So it is expected that there is enough ‘liquidity’. In this context, some useful things for investors –
1. When investing in REITs, especially when choosing a foreign REIT, the holdings of the average investor become a little more diversified, and some risks may be reduced. However, there is no certainty.
2. At REIT, you can choose ‘Rental Income’.
3. REITs have been in foreign markets for a long time, and a large number of investors have bought them. Basically the type of real estate they have invested in includes office space, retail showroom / market, healthcare space facility etc.

This is the story behind the scenes. Let’s start with the investment that we started – a relatively new statement from Indian investors. I am talking about Mahindra Manual Life Asia Pacific REIT Fund of Funds. REITs from multiple countries including Hong Kong, Australia, Singapore will be present here. The objectives of this project are mainly two- Capital Growth and Stable Income.

Local investors need to be informed that the project is open till October 12 (initial stage). Kotak Mutual Fund has come up with such a project before, and we believe that some other fund houses will also attract investors to REIT in the future.

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