Cricket: Ex-India coach Ravi Shastri reacts to Virat’s remarks in the explosive presser

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Gnews: This time, Ex-India coach Ravi Shastri got involved in the huge controversy of Sourav vs Kohli, an Indian cricket team. The new former coach of Team India is always looking for opportunities to put pressure on the BCCI president. It was natural that he would not take Saurabh’s side even in the huge debate. That’s it. However, a little softer. Not directly, Shastri blamed Sourav Ganguly for this huge controversy.


The former head coach of Team India said that this controversy could have been handled better. Virat just said his side. This time it is important to know the direction of the board president. However, this debate could have been handled better with a little better coordination. In other words, Shastri indirectly wanted to say that Saurabh should have had more contact with Virat.

Incidentally, when Virat left the T20 captaincy, Shastri (Ravi Shastri) was still the coach of India. Naturally, he should know a lot about this episode. Moreover, the closeness between Kohli and Shastri is so great that it can be said with closed eyes that no decision was taken without consulting him. Isn’t he himself responsible for the lack of coordination that the former head coach of Team India is talking about?

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Two days ago, another controversy started in the cricket arena. In an interview two days ago, Ashwin touched on the Australia series. After Kuldeep Yadav took five wickets in the Sydney Test, the then Indian coach Shastri said that from now on, Kuldeep would be considered the team’s number one spinner on foreign soil. After hearing that, Ashwin was bleeding inside. Shastri is no longer the coach of the Indian team. Ashwin burst out with Shastri Zamana. Shastri countered in another website chat on Thursday that he had done nothing wrong. Former India coach Ashwin said, “Ashwin did not play in the Sydney Test. Kuldeep bowled very well. So giving him a chance was the right decision. If Ashwin likes it badly, then I’m happy. Because that’s what made him do something different. ”


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