Fire Boltt AI Smartwatch with Calling Feature appeared in the market, will you buy it or not?

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Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals. Must have a smartwatch on hand as well as branded clothes. Buying a new type of smartwatch is one of the hobbies of many. Fire Boltt is popular among Indian smartwatch companies. This time they launched their new smartwatch Fire Boltt AI. With Bluetooth calling facility, Google and Siri Voice Assistant will support it. This modern watch also has various health trackers and sensors. It will last for 10 days on a full charge.


Price and availability of Fire Boltt AI

The Fire Bolt AI is priced at Rs 4,999 in the Indian market. It is currently only available on the popular e-commerce site Flipkart. The smartwatch can be chosen in three different colors – black, blue, and pink.

Specification of Fire Boltt AI Smartwatch

The mid-budget Fire Bolt AI smartwatch has a 1.6-inch HD (240 × 270 pixels) display. A Bluetooth calling facility will be available in it. This allows users to make and receive phone calls while they are on hand. The new smartwatch will support Siri and Google Voice Assistant. The smartwatch also has a variety of health sensors. For example, it allows users to check heart rate, blood oxygen level. There is also a stress management system and much more.

Fire Boltt AI smartwatch has 10 inbuilt sports modes. It has an IP6 rating to protect from dust and water. This allows you to wear the watch anywhere, even while bathing. The company claims that the smartwatch comes with a powerful battery. Once charged, it will last up to ten days.

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Commenting on the launch of Fire Boltt AI, Ayushi and Arnova Kishore, co-founders of the company, said: Users will be able to store all their contacts on the smartwatch on the one hand, and call history on the other. Its powerful inbuilt mic and speaker are able to give the user a pleasant calling experience. It also has alarm time and weather updates and menstrual reminders. There are also various health-related monitors such as heart rate tracker, blood oxygen level, and blood pressure monitoring system.


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