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Gynecologist creates the world's first unisex condom. Sangbad Pratidin

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 Love Intimacy. Eye to eye. Hand in hand. Sharing the same bed with someone with whom the mind has been given is also not new. But safe sex is always important. Otherwise both may be harmed. In that case, everyone relies on condoms. So far, both men and women have separate condoms (Condom) Used. But this time the tide of change began to fall on condoms as well. Now both partner can use the same condom.

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Surely being surprised. This is true even if you are surprised. Let’s make the whole thing clear now. Malaysian gynecologist John Tong Ying Ching has developed a ‘unisex condom’ after several days of testing. He is the founder of Wandalife. This type of condom can be used by both men and women. The gynecologist claims that this is the first bisexual condom made in the world.


According to gynecologists, the condom is made of polyurethane. Polyurethane is used to treat genital injuries. And there is no difference with the five ordinary condoms. The manufacturer claims that couples can experience the same sexual satisfaction using condoms.

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The gynecologist claims that the bisexual condom is being brought to the market after multiple tests. He claims that there is no possibility of any illness due to unintentional pregnancy or sexual intercourse using this condom.


Do you want to buy this type of condom? The gynecologist said that the condom will be available next December. Each box will have two condoms. You can buy it online. The gynecologist hopes that adventure-loving couples will choose ‘unisex condoms’ when making a storm in bed.

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