how much the cost will be, Elon Musk ready to meet the hunger from world!

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In the current digital age, the continuous advancement of technology is assuring people a very comfortable life as well as a bright future. Many difficult tasks are being made extremely easy with the help of technology, which is giving people the opportunity to earn a living as well as dream of a secure future. But in the midst of so much progress, there are still many people in the world who go hungry and their number is not small.

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No matter how much technology improves, there is no way to solve this problem. And in the midst of this controversy, two popular figures – David Beasley, director of the United Nations World Food Program (WFP), and Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX – have come to the fore.

The total value of Musk’s assets is close to ৩ 300 billion. In a recent statement to the media, Beasley said that only 2 percent of the huge wealth of billionaires like Musk, or about ড 8 million, could feed about 42 million people. Much of the world’s food crisis can be solved with this money. And it doesn’t matter to people like them to give this little money to satisfy people’s hunger.

Dr. Eli David, co-founder of a company called Deep Instinct, then tweeted a picture of the report, which quoted Beasley. And as soon as he saw it, Elon Musk answered. “If WFP can accurately describe how the ৬ 6 billion will solve the world’s food problem, I will now sell Tesla shares and donate this money in the interest of the people,” he tweeted, challenging the United Nations. But it must be open source accounting so that people know exactly how the money is being spent. ” It is clear from this tweet that he has vented his anger in a sarcastic manner.

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Beasley, meanwhile, wrote in a tweet that there was a good deal of misunderstanding surrounding his remarks: “We never said that  6 billion would solve the world’s food problem. However, it could be used as a one-time grant to satisfy the hunger of 42 million people. In 2020, খাদ্য 8.4 billion was enough to solve the food problems of 115 million people. However, we now need more than ৬ 6 billion to meet the global food crisis in the future. So there is no reason for this simple misunderstanding. Even then, if there is a problem, Elon Musk can talk to me directly. ”

Following Beasley’s tweet, Musk wants to see current and proposed estimates of how much money is being spent in any sector to address the world’s food crisis, and to release the figures directly to the public so that the public can see how the United Nations spends money to address the food crisis. Not only that, to corner the UN, he posted a link to an article alleging sexual harassment by their officials. Only time will tell where the two sides will end up arguing. However, Elon Musk’s recent tweet, however, deserves enough praise, despite having made several controversial comments on various issues before.



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