If you have any bank account, Know how to prevent bank fraud?

how to prevent bank fraud
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The banking sector also falls under the category of cybercrime. Know how to prevent bank fraud More worryingly, the number of cybercrimes in banks and other financial services is on the rise.

This time, crime has become one of the major obstacles in the way of investment. Many kinds of ‘fraud’, such as cheating in Bengali, have been going on in the market lately. Naturally, the investor has to be very careful, and he has to be careful not to fall prey to cybercriminals. This is something we need to talk about today.

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Cybercrime is on the rise in a wide range of banking and other financial services. Customers have been deceived many times, embarrassed, forced to accept financial losses. The villains are always good at inventing new ways, and this is no exception. So take a simple loan or use simple broking services, never give out your personal information. If in doubt, take action, if necessary, do not hesitate to seek the help of the police and other relevant enforcement agencies.

Keeping passwords secure is one of the primary responsibilities of customers. According to the State Bank of India, the country’s largest bank, passwords should be changed every 90 days. Do not use it in any ‘pop-up’, do not store it separately on any computer, do not let your computer remember. State Bank has warned not to give up on the ‘auto-complete option’. Also, every time you use online banking, log out separately.

how to prevent bank fraud

Warning: The steps you can take to keep yourself relatively safe, whether it’s a hacker attack or a misleading moment, your personal computer must be used with caution, or you could fall prey to fraud. Therefore, take the following precautions:
1. Change passwords very regularly.
2. Check the person you are informing well.
3. If you take advantage of the ‘dial-up’ feature, check it out from time to time.
4. Take care of computer, hard drive, pen drive, etc., it is better not to let everyone use it.
5. When downloading a file, make sure it is from a protected/tested source.
If you receive suspicious mail or another unsolicited message, be very careful about it. In that case, do not take the information.

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How to increase the level of security in your bank transactions?

Phishing has become one of the most horrible things of the age – by which your personal information can fall into the hands of miscreants in an instant, and your carefully stored money can disappear at once.

The approach of the villains is pretty much the same. You will receive a spam email, which will look like you received it from your bank. This email may tell you to open the link by clicking on it. Then you will be asked to give your User ID and Password. And that will be the beginning of your danger. Only open every mail sent by that public bank or other company (maybe through that company) after checking. It has been seen many times that the customer is ‘validating’ something in a careless manner, maybe there is a message that his account will be ‘suspended’. You will take all these steps only if you talk to the bank on your own, otherwise not.

how to prevent bank fraud
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A closer look at the websites of some of the major banks in the country reveals that every major bank has come up with some ‘guidelines for the convenience of its customers so that they do not fall prey to online fraud. For example, Axis Bank. I have highlighted the part of the warning formed by them through the following points-

(1) Do not trust unsolicited funds transfers. In particular, be alert immediately when you receive a message that foreign currency will be available.
(2) You will get a large sum of money later, so give a commission or initial deposit – if you get such a message, avoid it completely. Criminals will show greed, the loss will be yours, remember.
(3) Do not be a participant in any dubious scheme like the lottery, money circulation, prize, contest, etc.
(4) The bank never asks for personal information, so if someone asks you for personal information by identifying you as a bank manager or other employee, do not give it at all.
(5) When shopping online, be very careful. Always make sure you have anti-virus and anti-spyware spam filters.
(6) If the online retailer or vendor wants personal information, do not proceed. It is a mistake to assume that all shopping websites are secure.

how to prevent bank fraud
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Cyber ​​Fraud Helpline: 155270
If you are a victim of cyber fraud, you can take the opportunity of the ‘155260’ helpline. ‘Savings’ has not verified its usefulness on its own, but according to the latest news, the helpline has been launched in certain states. In the age of digital payments, there are many types of crimes that require a proper ‘reporting platform’. Of course, the victim of fraud must contact the concerned bank or other organization as usual. In this regard, the investor i.e. the reader of ‘Savings’ is advised to know separately.


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