Jio complains to Trai against Vodafone, Airtel recharge plan for blocking MNP

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 G-news: Jio complains to Trai against Vodafone, Airtel recharge plan for blocking MNP. Adding to the discomfort were the telecom companies, which did not end the suffering of the common man. Earlier, the cost of a monthly phone call of a common man could have been reduced to a minimum of Rs 10, but the cost has gradually increased to Rs 189.

All these companies are making so much profit from the people, that is not to say. For the common man, keeping a phone is now becoming like keeping an elephant. Currently, Vodafone Airtel and Geo have increased their recharge plans from 20% to 25%. People’s lives have been ruined due to this corona, on top of which people are getting annoyed by such price increase of telephone companies.

We all know the need for SMS in the case of mobile number portability, and telecom companies have used that need as a tool. At present, you have to recharge 169 takas if you want to keep that SMS option enabled. A person is able to portable his phone number. They are not offering an outgoing SMS facility in the 149 taka recharge plan, which is why people now have to recharge at a higher cost to avail of outgoing SMS. Having to suffer.

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However, Reliance has already complained to GeoTri about Vodafone Idea’s recharge plans, which could cause problems for all customers to port from VI to Geo. Geo is saying that it should not have increased so much in one jump.



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