Old is Gold! The price of an old 1 taka coin is 10 crore taka, do you have it?

A one rupee coin costs 10 crores! You were shocked to hear? But it is true. In India, the price of a one taka coin has risen to Rs 10 crore.

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image: pixabay

 However, this coin is not such a coin. The coin is 136 years old. The circumference is a bit larger than the current one taka coin. Another feature of the coin is that it has a picture of Queen Victoria of England engraved on one side and ‘One Rupee India 1885’ written in English letters on the other side.

It is estimated that the coin was minted in Mumbai in 1885 during the British rule in India. Nine years ago, there was a slight change in the Indian currency. The coin has been replaced by Empress Victoria or ‘Victoria Empress’ instead of Queen Victoria. The coin that was put up for auction was of that time.

There are many people who have a hobby of hoarding old notes or old coins. And now in the age of internet, there are opportunities to sell old coins from different sites, so they can be easily filled. On the same website, a collector posted those few pictures from his collection. And there was a rush among the users to buy those few.

In June 1933, a coin was sold in the United States for কোটি 18.9 million, the equivalent of Rs. 138 crore in Indian currency. If you have a hobby of collecting old coins and if you also have such old coins, then you too can become a millionaire overnight.

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