Per capita Income: The state claims success in increasing per capita income

The per capita income of most states has declined in the year of Corona Hana. However, RBI figures show that it has increased at a slight rate in West Bengal in the last financial year. The state claims, it is their success. Opponents have questioned the veracity of this information.

According to the RBI report, the per capita income of the people of West Bengal was Rs 61,619 in the year (2019-20), just before the covid attack, based on the market price in 2011-12. In the following year (2020-21) it has increased to Rs. 82,202. Today, state finance minister Amit Mitra claims, “According to the RBI report, West Bengal ranks first in terms of per capita income growth in 2020-21. Well done! Its growth in West Bengal is 7.16%. Where India’s average per capita income has declined by 3.99%. Opponents, however, say that the per capita income of covid has also increased in the year. But the state finance minister has claimed that the amount has not increased. State BJP chief spokesperson Shamik Bhattacharya said the finance minister was calculating how much income, including inflation, had risen based on current market prices. With the exception of inflation, it has risen slightly. Only 0.6%. His sneer, “If the financial condition of the people of the state was so good, 80 million people would not have to buy rice at the rate of 2 rupee. West Bengal would not be ahead of everyone even in the demand for 100 days of work in the village.

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However, Amit Babu says that the statistics of the top banks have shown that the per capita income of covid has decreased in 11 states in a year. Not only has it increased in West Bengal, it has grown at the highest rate among the states. He recalls that the top bank report, not the state, was released on the basis of data from the Central Statistics Office.

Economists say the report is based on central data. But the statistics department relies on the state statistics in calculating the total production or SDP (State Domestic Product) of the state. The per capita income can be estimated by dividing this net SDP by the population. The question is how credible the state statistics are.

According to left-wing economist Prosenjit Basu, there are questions about the Centre’s GDP measure, as well as the state’s SDP. The state of the economy is as bad in the state as in the country. No government is taking steps to rectify the situation. In most of the states where per capita income has decreased, West Bengal has increased even a little. Prosenjit replied, “West Bengal is mainly dependent on agriculture. The impact of the Covid-Lockdown has been felt the least in agriculture. As a result, it has increased by 0.6%. However, such an increase is practically non-existent. If too much, it can be said that the crisis of income reduction has been avoided. But where is the proof that it is the contribution of government action?

Amit Babu argues that the state has given money to the people. Lakshmi has brought projects like Bhandar. Poor people have spent that money. Emphasis has also been placed on infrastructure costs. All in all, the demand has increased. People’s income has increased. Opponents question, Lakshmi’s treasure has been launched this year. Its results will be understood next year.


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