Ronaldo unable to refuel expensive cars due to energy crisis in England

Cristiano Ronaldo: Ronaldo, unable to refuel expensive cars due to energy crisis in England

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Over the past few days, there has been a severe shortage of fuel in the whole of Britain, including England The problem is the people of the whole country. Cristiano Ronaldo is not getting relief from that problem . Unable to refuel for two of his most expensive cars. After waiting at the petrol pump for about seven hours, his two drivers returned disappointed.

Ronaldo was seen going to practice at Manchester United in Bentley’s Flying Spar model car. The price of that car is more than two crores in Indian currency. One of Ronaldo’s drivers went to a Cheshire gas station at 2.20pm to refue

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After a while, the driver of his other car also reached there. The two of them waited for hours in the rain. But after waiting for six hours and 40 minutes, they both failed and returned at 9 pm. Ronaldo lives in a luxurious house nearby. He, however, was not seen near.

“Ronaldo has so much money,” a petrol station worker told the British media. But his problem with refueling is the same as ours. His security guards thought an oil tanker might arrive soon. Then they can refuel. But after waiting in the rain, they got frustrated and left. ”

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Note that no one can fill more than 30 pounds of oil in Britain due to lack of fuel. The same rule applies to footballers like Ronaldo. But even that is not possible for him now.


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