Football: SC East Bengal to face Mumbai City FC today, ISL 2021-22

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Gnews: SC East Bengal to face Mumbai City FC today in ISL 2021-22. As soon as the SC East Bengal match comes, the first thing the fans are anxious to know is, will there be a victory this time? Before each match, the red-yellow supporters are sitting with a lot of hope, this time it will be possible to get three points. But at the end of the day if that one point is not zero. As a result, match after match is coming, and SC East Bengal is getting frustrated. (SC East Bengal) Supporters.


Manuel Diaz has lost his job. New coach Mario Rivera (Mario Rivera) Even after moving to Goa, he is unable to join the team for practice at the moment for quarantine. As a result, like the Bangalore FC match against Mumbai City FC on Friday, Renewed Singh will be the coach of SC East Bengal. The Mumbai match was such a headache for Renedy that there were doubts as to whether the red-yellow coach was able to sleep well the night before. On the one hand, as the opponent is very strong, on the other hand, there will be no one in his team, it will be possible to take the field on Friday with two foreigners, Renedy cannot say for sure.

Two of the team’s foreign defenders are out for injury. Darren is also out for injury. Perosevich has no card problems. Only Chima and Amir in hand. Cheema will be in the first team, for sure. The red-yellow coach could not decide whether to play Aamir from the start or rely on the Indian midfielders against Mumbai. He just said, “The fight that my footballers have fought in the Bangalore match is really amazing. However, Mumbai is one of the strongest teams in the ISL this time. They have footballers like Mortaza Fruits, Fingers. But I am relying on my footballers to do something good. But to win the match, we don’t just have to handle the defense. As a team we have to handle the defense together, we have to attack together. So I think more about my own preparation than about the opposing team. ”

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In the current situation, after the Mumbai City FC match against Jamshedpur FC, Reneed will have to sit in the coach’s chair. Renedy still doesn’t want to talk about the Jamshedpur match right now. All his attention revolved around the Mumbai match. “Right now, we’re just thinking about how we can keep the team in shape for 90 minutes in the Mumbai match,” said Reneed. I will think about the Jamshedpur match when the Mumbai match is over. ” Why only Arindam, call it Mohun Bagan (ATK Mohun Bagan) Goalkeeper Amarinder Singh is also scoring bad goals this season. Renedy, however, is not willing to blame his team’s goalkeeper for the goal. Saying, “Why should the ball be given the place where the opponent gets a chance to score?”

Today in ISL
Mumbai City FC vs SC East Bengal
6.30 pm, Star Sports


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