Share market momentum will be determined by the accounts of the companies

The Share market momentum will be determined by the accounts of the companies

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Share market: Sensex is not even beyond 60 thousand. After entering the house on October 8 , the index reached 61,000 in just four transactions. Such a rise in the market on the ninth day has multiplied the joy of investors. In the same week, for the first time, Nifty has set foot in 18,000 houses. At the end of the week it stopped at 18,339. The Sensex and the Nifty, the two stock indices, are at new highs at the moment. The stock market saw some improvement in the week ended October 1. From September 27 to October 1, the Sensex fell a total of 1282 points. But then the beard fell. The total rise in the next two weeks is 1293 and 1247 points respectively. The benefits of this continuous rise in the market are being enjoyed not only by the investors in the stocks, but
also by the millions of customers of the mutual funds .

The reasons that helped the stock market rise last week are:

* The country’s industrial output grew by 11.9% in August.

* Retail inflation fell to 4.35 percent in September, the lowest in five months.

* Hearing about the improved results and future of the first tier IT companies.

* Provide money in the country and maintain investment in the stock market.

* Good monsoon and good yield in agriculture.

* (Based on the above) The economy will turn around quickly and the stock market race will continue in its hands, a belief that is firmly entrenched in the minds of investors.

But even after so many ups and downs, there are still concerns. And that’s basically the unusually high price of oil. If the price does not decrease immediately, it will push up the price rise. Which could pave the way for the economy to turn around.

This week, however, the stock market will be watching the profit and loss of a group of companies. Last week, several well-known companies released their financial results for the July-September quarter of the current financial year. Most of them are in the field of information technology. Compared to the same period of the previous year, the IT companies have made remarkable improvements in the accounts this time. Among the companies that will release results this week are Nestle, Hindustan Unilever, Havells, Asian Paints, JSW Steel, Reliance Industries, ICICI Bank, HDFC Life and others. Investors hope that this time around, the stock index will be more encouraging by looking at the accounts of various companies.

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But keep in mind that even though industrial production looks so good, it has been compared to the very low base of production in August last year. In other words, there is no reason to be overwhelmed by this increase. It is a matter of seemingly happy to bring down the rate of inflation. But here too there is less place for relief, more fear. Because, the huge price of edible and fuel oil. The way that price is rising, there is enough doubt about how long the inflation rate will be under control.

One week ago, TCS reported 29% growth. Last week, Infosys, Wipro, HCL Tech and MindTree gave good results. Infosys and Wipro’s net profit rose 11.6% and 18.96%, respectively. These two organizations have also expressed hope about the future. Infosys has declared an interim dividend of Tk 15 per share. On the other hand, HDFC Bank’s net profit increased by about 16%. The financial results of the company that are about to be published will determine a lot about the dynamics of the stock market in the next one month.



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