Cryptocurrency transactions india? This company from Karnataka is giving a surprise

transactions in Cryptocurrency india ? This company from Karnataka is giving a surprise

Cryptocurrency india:

cryptocurrency india
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The name of the city is Puttur ( karnataka, india). The city is located about 50 km from Mangalore in the state of Karnataka. But recently this city has come up in the headlines of various news discussions in the country. Not exactly a city, of course, but a city-specific IT company. That IT company called Vibhaa Technologies has recently recognized cryptocurrency.

What is this BitcoinZ?

BitcoinZ is a community-centric cryptocurrency india. The birth of this cryptocurrency, of course, is not today. About four years ago. This means that the journey of this crypto started by 2017-18. Currently this currency is used as a transaction option by Vibhaa Technologies. This technologically very rich crypto can be used as a means of micro-payment in the future.

But what is the new plan of this company around BitcoinZ? Vibhaa Technologies is only seven years old. BitcoinZ will also step on 8 this year. BitcoinZ, on the other hand, is four years old. In this case, the company will use cryptocurrency as a medium of transaction due to the dedicated efforts of Vibhaa Technologies’ very young team. In other words, the company will now go through the process of buying and selling goods through crypto and any kind of agreement. Prominent IT Marketing Manager Abu Akhter recently inaugurated the event. transactions! As a result, there has been a commotion in the city and in the whole country.

Cryptocurrency is one of the biggest attractions in the world right now. The price of that currency is increasing day by day Besides, the number of investors is also increasing. Even in a country like India, there is virtually no shortage of investor incentives. India currently ranks second in the world in terms of crypto-ownership But is it a direct transaction? How is this journey possible? Let me know about the Vibhaa company once before I know them.

By the way, Vibhaa Technologies doesn’t stop there. They have also started a Knowledge Sharing Initiative called Prameya. The purpose of this program is to educate the people of the city.

Recently, Adarsh ​​Narayan, the head of the company, gave an exclusive interview to Digital Desk about this issue. He said in the interview that he is quite optimistic about Vibhaa Technologies. But why cryptocurrency? In a country like India, the rules of crypto are still not clear enough. Moreover, there is the issue of risk. “There is a risk in any investment,” he said From gold to the stock market, there are risks everywhere If you invest without understanding properly, you will not cut the risk. The team that we currently work with is connected to the technical line. They all understand the matter well. This is not the end, he added – crypto is new. That is why there are so many possibilities. Besides, crypto will rule the world in the next five years. Already different countries are adopting crypto.

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    Vibhaa Technologies is a tech startup company. The Chief Executive Officer is Mr. Adarsh ​​Narayan. He is the founder, CEO and vice president of the company. The company was born in 2014. That means the company is currently only 7 years old But in these 7 years, Vibhaa Technologies 6 has practically put a shelf They have created a new means of payment. The medium through which the transaction can be done. Not hard cash or online– but this new payment system is actually cryptocurrency dependent. A new community cryptocurrency called BitcoinZ will be used for this new transaction.

This is not the end. He further said, ‘Our organization takes various initiatives. Associated with various learning programs. It contains ‘Know Your Child’. Also associated with stock market work. We are currently working on various blockchains. He further said that Mr. Keshav Murti is working as the mentor of Vibhaa Technologies. He has long been associated with the crypto world. He has worked with crypto in England before. He is also naturally excited about the matter. According to him, ‘cryptocurrency has great potential. Understanding him properly and getting the business out of it will create huge opportunities in the future. Many countries are already in this process. They themselves are adapting crypto in many ways.

It remains to be seen whether Vibhaa Technologies will be successful in the future.

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