Want to buy an old car? Learn about EMI today.

 Want to buy an old car? Learn about EMI today.

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On the occasion of Diwali or Dussehra, many people bring new items home During this time of the festival, many people from different car companies offer a big discount on their products So many people are looking to bring a car home at this time. Different car companies also offer different offers on their used cars i.e. second hand cars Considering the needs of the customers, many companies bring their previous cars for the budget of the current customers

Currently, the market for this used car is growing in India. Many people are buying this car, keeping pace with the demand of the customers, companies are also bringing more old cars to the market. If you are thinking of buying a car in this market and if the budget is not within your reach – then you can think of using this used car yourself.

Although the cost of a second hand car is lower than that of a new car, you still need to be aware of your budget. If you are thinking of buying a car on your own – then you need to create a proper budget for it. Otherwise, it is very difficult to buy a car It is your job to discover what that is and to bring it about. At present, some banks offer good loans on cars But there is one thing to say here. Usually banks give loans to buy used cars but the interest rate on those loans is much higher. In other words, a citizen may have to pay more interest on an old car than he has to pay interest on a new car.

Again there is another matter in the case of bank loans. Whether a loan can be obtained depends on the age of the car. In other words, if the car is too old, then the loan will not be available. Loans are not available if the car is eight to 10 years old. Generally, a loan can be obtained on a car when it is five years old. 75-80% of the loan can be obtained. The rest of the money has to be paid from one’s own pocket.


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