Where to invest in Money, find out the market reality?

where to invest money

Fresh news about new trends in the market, ‘Savings’ is always with the readers. Readers can get a glimpse of what’s new in the market, what kind of business is bound to grow in the future. In line with that trend, he conducted research on two recent IPOs and one NFO. Team savings

We have repeatedly told the readers of ‘Savings’ about the new trends emerging in the market. What is happening in today’s market, the events of the future can be felt a lot of the time. You can get an idea of ​​what kind of business you will see in the future if you keep your eyes and ears open. Today in this episode we have chosen three new ideas separately. To understand what areas investors can keep an eye on, read about two IPOs and an NFO.

1) MobiQuick

In the last few years, many of us have recognized this company as one of the leading companies in the field of fintech. The company wants to raise about Rs 1,900 crore from the primary market, and the stock market regulator has already agreed to it. According to the plan, MobiQuick will be able to expand Fintech’s multifaceted business with the money from this IPO. Its mobile wallet business has already become quite popular.

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2) Radiant Cash Management

The main activities of the company around cash pick-up and delivery have been approached by SEBI for IPO. The private equity firm, Ascent Advisors, holds 36% of the stock. It will come down a bit after the issue. Radiant currently charges around Rs 400 crore (cash) per day.

3) Nippon Electric Vehicle Index Fund

Its NFO is said to be on the list of market regulators. Electric vehicles will be the main means of transportation in the coming days. Many types of experiments are already underway in the market around the world, and former carmakers are also showing interest in the EV. The fund will invest on the basis of an index called ‘S&P Kensho EV Index’. The index is made up of selected stocks from the US, China, Japan and Canada. Tata Motors from India has also got a place in it.

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Finally, as always, readers of ‘Savings’ should deliberately focus on such IPOs and NFOs. We think it is inappropriate to jump into all these matters without understanding the risk. Also on the list of possible NFOs based on the information released by SEBI:
1. Canara Robeco Banking & PSU Debt Fund
2. Tata MSCI India Domestic Select Digital Opportunity Index Fund
3. ITI Infrastructure Fund
4. HDFC Nifty IT Exchange Traded Fund


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