Win Free Recharge Vouchers, Reliance Jio Launches Jio-Together Referral Program

Win Free Recharge Vouchers, Reliance Jio Launches Jio-Together Referral Program

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Reliance Jio has come up with a special referral offer called ‘Jio-Together’

Reliance Jio has come up with another lucrative offer for its customers. However, as a result of this offer, Jio customers will benefit as much as the company itself. Readers can also understand the details of the offer. To take advantage of this, interested Reliance Jio customers should be encouraged to take Jio connection through SIM card porting of their friends. Of course, there is no need to rush for this. Instead, it is enough to send a referral message to a friend who wants to port the connection. Note that this new offer of Reliance Jio has come out with the name ‘Jio-Together’.

The Jio-Together offer will benefit both the referrer and the referrer

By the way, this is probably the biggest positive aspect of Reliance Jio’s new Jio-Together offer. On the one hand, the company is benefiting, on the other hand, both the referee and the referee are benefiting! How? Let’s find out.

According to the ‘jio-Together’ offer, we have to send a referral message sent by Geo to a friend who wants to port the connection at the beginning. Then friends will be rewarded by the company along with the referrer only if they port their number to the geo connection using that referral message. In this case, both the parties will get the recharge vouchers available from Rs 98 to Rs 349 free of cost. In addition, Geo will hand over discount vouchers of various brands up to a maximum of Rs 2,000.

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The more referrals, the more profit

The company has increased the amount of rewards per referral to increase the incentive to take Reliance Jio connections directly from other companies. For example, if a friend’s Jio connection is confirmed through a referral message, both the referrer and the referred party will be given a recharge voucher of Rs 98. It will offer 1.5 GB of data and endless voice calling with 14 days validity. Similarly, if it is possible to get Geo connection for a maximum of twelve people, a total of 8 recharge vouchers worth Tk 349 will be available for free. This plan comes with daily 3GB data, unlimited voice calls and SMS facility.

How to take advantage of Jio-Together offer

Reliance Jio is gradually unveiling their offer to customers. They have started rolling out this offer from 12th October. In this case, the interested people will receive a video message from the company which they can send to friends who want to port the connection.

This time, to avail the benefits of the offer, the number port holder has to recharge the plan of Rs. 199/249 for SIM activation through the first recharge. At the same time he will share the referral code. If the Geo SIM is activated, he has to type ‘FRIEND’ on 7977479774 and send a WhatsApp message. After providing the mobile number of the referring friend, if the referral is successful, the free voucher will be added to his number. In the future, these vouchers can be easily accessed through the My-Jio application, the company said.



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